Our Services

Fashion Photography

Who said that high-end fashion photography is exclusively to high-end fashion genre?

You too can claim your stake!

We feel everyone has got an extra ordinary, a unique personality and everybody can look incredible on camera and that is what fashion photography is all about. We as a creative team of stylish photographers, makeup artists and stylists love to make people celebrate each and every photo shoot. With every photo shoot you will experience a fun filled and exciting ambience.
Be it a girl, a boy, a couple, a family or some static object, our hands-on-experience deliver you the best of the results right from the concept development to the ultimate fashion experience through to wardrobe styling and entire makeover.

Our aim is to capture a unique look only after you feel relaxed in front of the camera. As a matter of fact, its more about an intellectual conversation between you and the photographer.

We excel in bringing imagination and persona to life.

The photography sessions can be conducted at clients location by bringing studio lights to them. Besides, a mixed indoor - outdoor session can also be done.

Sports Events

Sports are the most popular ones anywhere across the country and at JSR Events, with an excellent knowledge of available and potential resources as well as privileged athletes, famous leagues and alliances, we are always there to provide services ranging from client management to club consultation and event hospitality. In working with each participating team and corporate sponsors, we ensure that every game day launch meets all goals adding up to the grand experience also for the fanbase by having them connected with the sponsors.

As a professional team, we have a sound knowledge of contract negotiations, insurance and travel assistance, on behalf of our clients. We can also liaise and work with many Executives and Directors at some of the biggest major sporting brands

Apart from all these services, we can also assist in dealing with the media and can also help in communicating effectively. We have with us the renowned PR companies to make sure that our clients can maximize their earning potential by positively boosting their public viewership.

Motorbike and Car photography specialist

Whether you want photographed your bikes or cars, a dash-track, mountaineering or anything, we keep you with us in our comfort zone everywhere. We photograph domestically, across the town and even beyond.

Certainly we are more than pleased to capture the supreme features of your priceless car or motor bike but we will more than possibly look forward to photograph the bike rider or car driver as well as. It's a captivating world out there and we every time look at a broader picture through our lenses.

Whatever the task ideally we will be offered, we will make sure to have thorough updates on what actually is needed from the shoot. This may include an overview of potential usage, maximum image size, the required intensity of focus, format or style. After all, the client is the one who possibly knows deep inside the heart what's on his 'wish-list'